Breast Augmentation in Chicago

Breast implants are one of the most common types of plastic surgery. For many women, breast implants are a way to change their lives and make themselves feel better. There are many different reasons that women choose to have a breast augmentation. It could be that they never felt comfortable about the size of their breasts, or how they filled out their tops. A common reason women have a breast augmentation done is to even out the size of her breasts, as many women have one breast that is considerably bigger or smaller than the other. Still yet, it could be because a woman was an unfortunate victim of breast cancer and had to have her breasts removed. Whatever the reason is, breast augmentation is a way for women to get their self esteem back, and to feel better about themselves.

One exciting change in the world of breast augmentation has come in the form of newer implants. Technology has changed, and with that so has the innovation of breast implants. No longer are you forced to get just a regular circular implant that has been the standard used up until recently. There are now implants that form better to your body because their shape is completely different. They are taller rather than wider, so that they drop more naturally, and they do not look as fake as they have previously. Even when you are significantly changing your breast size, these newer implants allow it to look as if they were made for your body as compared to the standard silicone implants.

Just as a woman needs to decide the size and shape of her breast implant, she also needs to decide how they are going to be put inside of her body. There are three ways in which a breast can be implanted. There is the axillary incision which is used to hide scarring altogether. It is inserted through an incision under your armpit that allows the doctor to place it above or directly under the breast muscle and moving the implant over to where it should be. Then you have the inframammary crease which is an incision made where the bottom of the breast meets up with the lower chest. Only one and a half inches long, although the scar may be slightly visible when you lift up your breast, it is well hidden. Finally, you have the periareolar incision which is an opening that is made where the skin changes from your nipple to your breast. A pocket is formed so that the breast implant can slide in and be placed underneath the muscle.

When discussing the surgery, the subject of what size you want your new breast implants to be will most certainly come up. Are you looking to be very curvy or do just want something to enhance your body a bit. Although women have an idea of what they want, it helps to look at the various sizes and shapes and try to imagine how they would look on your body. Women with different body shapes are going to look different even if they have the same breast and shape size. So, it is important that you get breast implants that are going to look right on your body and give you the confidence boost that you need.

Whether you live in Chicago, Texas or any other place around the world, you need to know what you want out of breast enhancement and what it will take to give you the feeling that you are looking for. Whether you are doing it to enhance your look or give yourself a healthy boost of self confidence, breast augmentation is about making decisions together with your surgeon so that when you are done with the procedure you feel great about yourself.