Breast Augmentation Post Surgery Complications

Keep in mind that there are many complications that can occur during any surgery. You’ll find that when it comes to breast augmentation there is no exception to this rule. You’ll need to know what to expect for better or worse when it comes to any type of surgery, but you’ll also want to know just so that you don’t end up shocked or even disappointed with some of the after-surgery complications.

Some of the things that you’ll want to look for immediately after your surgery is for any post-opt bleeding, filling with fluid, or any typical signs of infection. You’ll find that later complications can also be a threat. They are things like breast pain, nipple sensitivity, and even interference with breast feeding.

Feelings in the breast and nipple can change after the implant surgery has been completed. These changes may include increased sensitivity, chronic pain and lack of feeling in the breast or nipple for several months or even years following the implant surgery. After a few years, it’s between two and eight percent of breast augmentation patients end up having chronic breast pain.

Another 1-2% report breast sensitivity changes, and 3-10% experience nipple complications like losing sensations within that area. Keep in mind that these statistics are the same for both silicone gel implants and the saline implants.

There are no long term data that indicates any complications after five years when it comes to women who have saline implants. You’ll want to keep in mind that the complications can end up having effects on your sensitivity and can be temporary or permanent. It may also have an affect on sexual response and the ability to breast-feed a baby.

You’ll want to be aware of what the complications are and also allow yourself to be informed about all the steps and decisions that are needed in order for you to have a satisfying breast augmentation.