Knowing The Right Doctor For Breast Augmentation

Dreaming of bigger breasts? It all begins with a competent doctor. Before you rush to the operating room, here's what you should learn:

Credentials - Verify your surgeon's credentials, including his or her medical license and organizational certificates. Ask about board certification and make sure your doctor is a fellow of an accredited association.

Professional Experience - Don't be shy to ask revealing questions about the surgeon's educational background. Know his or her professional background and experience with breast augmentation. How many operations has that person made? How often does that person do them? The more a surgeon knows about breast augmentation, the better the chances that your operation will run smoothly.

Client Photos - Ask the surgeon to see before and after photos of recent patients. Although each patient's circumstance is unique, before and after photos can give you an idea of the surgeon's abilities.

Referrals - A referral is another way to seek a competent cosmetic surgeon. Ask friends or co-workers about their experiences. But always remember that while many plastic surgeons can perform many different kinds of surgeries, only a few are experts in breast augmentation. It makes sense to limit your choices to experts in the field.

Surgery Location - Take pains to determine where the surgeon will perform breast augmentation. Will it be made at a local hospital? Is the hospital or surgical center accredited?

The Surgeon - If everything about the surgeon looks great but you just don't feel comfortable, listen to your instinct. Breast augmentation is a delicate procedure and you should feel completely at ease with your doctor's abilities. Ideally, you should evaluate these things before making a decision. Take time to visit and consult as many surgeons as possible to find the perfect one for you.