These Breast Implants Won't Cost A Cent

Short of cash to pay for those costly breast implants? Put your worries behind for you can probably get them for free by following these methods. Read on and learn how to get breast implants without emptying your wallet.

You may not have heard of this web site yet but My Free Implants will supposedly give women breast implants they want and deserve. You simply create a profile, make your bid, and just wait for strangers to donate money and make your dreams come true. Of course, they may want to do a little online chatting and ask for other things as well but that's probably a small price to pay for free implants.

It's also necessary to provide pictures to your profile. After all, even charity organizations trying to get money for starving children in poor areas of the globe have to show those huge, hungry eyes to attract your attention. A great picture can make you stand out above other women competing for money and it can also attract plenty of good-natured men who would love to improve a lady's self-respect.

If that sounds scary to you, you can always join a radio or TV promotion that gives free implants to the lucky caller. Many radio stations award them to Caller No. 7 who can identify that tune. Howard Stern is one DJ who has improved the breasts of plenty of women - all free of charge.

Look for local listings and do some web searching. Your chances are much higher if you live in a major metropolitan area (radio boob promotions are not so hot in Kansas). Of course, LA and NYC are the best. All you've got to do is listen, follow instructions and be the lucky caller. Your dreams just might come true.

You can also sign up for a free breast makeover. There's just one catch - it will be filmed. Simply put your modesty behind and let the cameras roll. Some plastic surgery clinics and TV shows use these videos to explain how breast implants are done.